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To customize the settings, you must be signed in to your Lares Access Self-Service Account.

1. Press on the wheel icon from the navigation menu.

2. Type your password and press on the Ok button.

3. When you reach the Settings screen, you will be able to customize the following settings:

  • Access mode – this will show/hide the check in/check out buttons in the dashboard
  • Contactless access – removes normal access and enables access using a QR Code
  • Browse residents – enables the ability to browse multiple residents when doing requests of any type
  • Default language – this will set the current language for the app
  • Background picture – this will change the background picture of the app
  • Logo – this will change the logo of the app
  • Date format – this will rearrange the date based on specific formats
  • Hour format – the hour can be changed between 12-hour or 24-hour formats
  • Temperature format – choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit