Extensive Range of Features

There are many other available features that can bring significant improvements to your business.

Visitors Count

Visitors count is now available and clearly visible in the top right corner, so you can keep track of your overall incoming traffic.

Returning Visitor Auto-Fill

This is a time-saving and error-free feature which proves very useful in locations where visitors access processing is a key element.

Visitor Pre-Enrollment

This function will avoid bottlenecks and expedite the access process by pre-validating visitors and entering their access data in advance.

Multiple Registration Plates

You can add up to 3 registration plate numbers for a single auto so that you keep a complete log for auto access.

Special Lists

Manage multiple types of lists such as: black list, gray list, VIP list, auto fleet list and useful contacts.

Incidents List

Inspector users can access a module that contains all the access recordings whose sensible information fields were edited (cargo papers, weight, seals, etc.).


A very important functionality providing you with traceability on the app and it’s actions and data (who modified what, when and where).


The app delivers real-time notifications to assist users in daily operations.


Automatic visitor checkout is performed for visits longer than 24 hours. You can still exit manually in case the visit persists after the auto-exit.

Data Import

This functionality was developed in order to manage the situations in which, for different reasons, you cannot access the app.

Data Export

Data can be exported in excel or pdf and gives you the possibility to organize your own back-up and process the data according to your needs.

Central Log

The entire evidence is stored in a single log and not on different registries distributed in several access points. This is very handy in locations with several access points (office buildings,industrial parks) and people and vehicles may enter and exit using different access points.

User Friendly

The clean and easy-to-use interface provides easy adoption and short accommodation time.

Modern Tool

SPAccess is a modern tool which contrasts with hard copy registries.

Return on Investment

Due to its competitive pricing and additional advantages, SPAccess delivers high ROI.


LPR (License Plate Recognition)

Barcode Scanner


SMS Integration

Control Access