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The Central Point of Operations

The headquarters for most of the access operations that can be made inside the app.

Laptop City
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Custom Locations

Customize the location with different settings based on your specific business needs.

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Main Fleet

Create your fleet based on the vehicles that belong to the company on a existing location.

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Multiple Access Points

Create multiple distinct access points and use them for different operations from a location.

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Data Storage

Specify how many days the location should retain the access data stored before it gets deleted.


Defined Roles for Better Management

Get things done more efficiently with multiple types of users that can do specific operations and tasks.

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The user that manages your subscription, settings, users and locations.

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The user that performs checks and audits on the existing visitors access.

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The user that creates and tracks recordings of visitors access from the location

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The user that performs resident related functions, tasks and actions

Businessman Hand Tablet

Making Communities More Efficient

Communities of residents can become more organized with tools of access at their disposal.

Businessman Hand Lanyard
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Defined Residents

Residents can be created inside the app in order to benefit from more options when it comes to visitor access.

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SMS Access

Instead of using the normal check-in approach, residents can use SMS to let visitors in, reducing the access time.

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Become a Host

Gather guests with special links that you can generate inside the app and use them everywhere on the web.

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Resident User

Operators can also become resident users that can help other residents from a location with visitor access.


Scheduled Meetings at Any Time

Start meetings by reserving available rooms inside a location.

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Reserve a Meeting Room

Reserve a room in order to occupy it and make appointments.

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Calendar Interface

See appointments in a different way by visually interacting with them from a calendar view.

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Schedule a Meeting

Make the necessary information adjustments for upcoming appointments.

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Meeting Lists

See how many appointments a room has or if a room has appointments already scheduled and when it becomes available.

Meeting Room Chairs Table

Parking for Incoming Traffic

Cars can have their own spots on locations with the parking system module. 

Parking Area Car
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Physical Parking

Register the physical parking area inside the app in order to manage parking lots.

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Parking Spots

Register individual parking spots inside the app for visitor access use.

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Parking Lots

Register existing parking lots inside the app in order to use parking spots.

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Parking Contacts

Assign trustworthy contacts in order for them to use an already reserved parking spot.


Planned Time for Visitors and You

Secure your and others’ time with planned events on locations.

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Specify Event Information

Complete the information inside the app to register a event.

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Registration Forms

Help people register for upcoming events on the web by using using generated form links.

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Multiple Ongoing Events

Create multiple events at the same time.

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Events for Any Occasion

You can create any kind of event from big to small and can change information about the event before sending forms to the web.

Conference Presentantion

A Different Kind of Visitor

Improve your daily workflow with different types of records.

Building People Stairs
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Person Access


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Fleet Access


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Auto Access


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Courier Access



Extensive Range of Features

There are many other available features that can bring significant improvements to your business.

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Visitors Count

Visitors count is now available and clearly visible in the top right corner, so you can keep track of your overall incoming traffic.

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Returning Visitor Auto-Fill

This is a time-saving and error-free feature which proves very useful in locations where visitors access processing is a key element.

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Visitor Pre-Enrollment

This function will avoid bottlenecks and expedite the access process by pre-validating visitors and entering their access data in advance.
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Multiple Registration Plates

You can add up to 3 registration plate numbers for a single auto so that you keep a complete log for auto access.
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Special Lists

Manage multiple types of lists such as: black list, gray list, VIP list, auto fleet list and useful contacts.
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Incidents List

Inspector users can access a module that contains all the access recordings whose sensible information fields were edited (cargo papers, weight, seals, etc.).
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A very important functionality providing you with traceability on the app and it’s actions and data (who modified what, when and where).
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The app delivers real-time notifications to assist users in daily operations.
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Automatic visitor checkout is performed for visits longer than 24 hours. You can still exit manually in case the visit persists after the auto-exit.
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Data Import

This functionality was developed in order to manage the situations in which, for different reasons, you cannot access the app.
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Data Export

Data can be exported in excel or pdf and gives you the possibility to organize your own back-up and process the data according to your needs.
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Central Log

The entire evidence is stored in a single log and not on different registries distributed in several access points. This is very handy in locations with several access points (office buildings,industrial parks) and people and vehicles may enter and exit using different access points.
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User Friendly

The clean and easy-to-use interface provides easy adoption and short accommodation time.
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Modern Tool

Lares is a modern tool which contrasts with hard copy registries.
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Return on Investment

Due to its competitive pricing and additional advantages, Lares delivers high ROI.


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LPR (License Plate Recognition)

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Barcode Scanner

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SMS Integration

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Control Access


Access Made Smarter.


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